Green Tea Essence Mask Sheet


-Various nutrients in green tea leaves remove toxins hidden in the pores and make your skin clean and clear.
Vitamins in quince extracts and catechin in green tea prevent sagging and slack.
Green tea extract makes skin clear and transparent! Catechin of the green tea helps to remove toxin in the pores and prevents sagging and slack.
[Removing toxins in pores, Enhancing elasticity, Recharging moisture.]

How to use

1. After removing the skin waste and dust with esfolio cleansing foam, tidy up your skin using toner.
2. Unfold the folded mask sheet.
3. You should adjust mask sheet to eyes, nose and mouse and closely attach onto all your face.
4. Relax with mask sheet for 15~20 min and take it off. Finally, let the residual essence absorb by patting down the your face.

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