Stephanie Arias Known as Sarias, Was born on May 2, in Manhattan, New York where she later traveled to the Dominican Republic in her childhood, returning in 2004 to her native country.
In 2011 Stephanie merged the Art of Makeup with the image consulting giving an open door to her store D NY Factorii Store, currently: Xarias Clothing, generating her own style where it enhances elements of personality and exterior beauty; Months later worked hand by hand in the image consulting with several personalities recognized in the Dominican Republic such as: Nashla Bogaert, Caroline Aquino, Nieves Mars, Dafne Guzman and Jenny Blanco, with whom work together to produce and designs Jenny Blanco Christmas Collection of Bandage dresses in 2013.

From a very young age she was interested in the image of the woman in both Makeup and image consulting, the great need for women to keep up to date in the realm of beauty as well as their personal self-esteem, learning how to improve the appearance or Hide some imperfections that exist in the outside that somehow affect the inner beauty of women.
Stephanie is constantly trained with makeup artists recognized nationally and internationally, never ceasing to perfect her techniques as a professional makeup artist.

Reaching 100,000 views in live broadcasts on the Facebook platform and around 60,000 loyal followers who follow her day to day Journey.